Thursday, November 13, 2008

My first blog entry. Wohooo! =)

Today on November 13 of year 2008, the Qi Spacecraft will be registering for the N-Prize competition, how amazing is that?! Yay!!! The N-Prize as some of you may know of it, is a competition sort of like X-Prize Competition were SpaceShipOne from ScaledComposites has aced the space frontier, except the N-Prize is simplier and thus less demanding challenge...but neverthless a competition that is hard to come by these days. Especially for a heart-broken student like me, boy... like I said N-Prize is a competition and the challenge is to put a spacecraft into orbit around Earth for 9 orbits total or more at altitude of 100km or higher, quite demanding...I say. But there is a catch, the N-Prize specifies that the whole venture of engineering spacecraft + rocket must be less than $2000, which is where the troubles arise. Ay.


Iain said...

Look foward to hearing your plans, good luck!


Ivan Lavlinski said...

Hey Iain, nice to meet you =) I am not from New Zealand thou, I am from USA. Good luck to you too